Campervan Renovations: Part 5
New Mattress and Dinette Seat Cushions Campervan Renovations: Part 5
New Mattress and Dinette Seat Cushions

This is the fifth part of our Campervan Renovations series.  To see where it all started, you might want to check out the four previous posts:

Part 1: Pre-Renovation Tour
Part 2: Gutting The Interior
Part 3: Insulation and New Wall Panels
Part 4: New Bed and Dinette Seats

With our new permanent bed and dinette seats in place, it was time to make them a little more comfortable.   Since the bed is 4 feet wide by approximately 6.5 feet long, we couldn’t use a standard mattress. Instead, we decided to use a 4 inch thick open cell foam base with a 1.5 inch thick memory foam topper. We can always add another layer if that isn’t enough. There are more natural options out there, but unfortunately they are all WAY out of our budget at the moment. Perhaps a future upgrade.



Unfortunately, the foam came tightly rolled, and so it was the proper thickness on the edge, but only half that in the middle. We left it unrolled for several days with only minor improvement. Then I got another idea.


Using Paula’s hairdryer, I slowly forced the foam back to its proper dimensions


It took a while, but the combination of heat and forced air really did the trick.


Eventually, with almost 6 inches of foam in place, Paula could finally start seeing this project as a bed.


As mentioned previously, the ends of the bed lift to access the storage space. Here you can also see the cross-member that rests in the side-wall notches.


Meanwhile, Paula used a second (smaller) roll of foam and some left over fabric from her reupholstering to create some cushions for our new dinette seats.


Not only were they MUCH more comfortable than the wooden box I had built, but they also really made it look a lot more finished.


Plus, we left a 5 inch gap at the back of each cushion for extra storage space. Because of the way that the wall curves in, even this large water jug can sit comfortably behind you without ever touching your back. It may not be the most eloquent solution, but sometimes form has to give way for function.

Next up, we REALLY need to do something about that plywood floor.


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